A mindful prayer before attending academic conferences

May my questions come from a place of curiosity and kindness

and may my ego stay small in front of the success of others.

May my rushing mode of just passing by gradually slow down to notice every single presence.  

And may my habit of comparing myself with others be replaced by the joy of just being present in the same room as you. 

May my greeting “hi” be slow enough to honor your story.

And may I be able to just listen to your words without anticipating an answer.

And may my fear of not being good enough notice the kindness of your smile.




May my answers come from a place of truth and loving kindness. 

And may I remember that this work does not have to do with me, my career or accumulation of power, but a genuine intention of contributing to make the circle bigger in order that everyone can get in.

And may the circle be a step towards a more kind and peaceful world (a line added by Maresi Nerad).

July 04 2022, before presenting at the Higher Education Close Up (HECU10).

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