Transnational scholars

Navigating Academia as a Transnational Scholar: Treasuring all the knowledges

A collective book with scholars and postgraduate students from the global south

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The different paths of trasnational academics from the Global South

The proposed book centres the stories of transnational early-career non-elite scholars from the Global South who started their postgraduate studies as adult immigrants and international students.

We use the term “transnational academics” instead of “international academics” to acknowledge that academics and students who have crossed national borders correspond to a larger and more heterogeneous group of individuals than people holding visas with academic purposes. Refugees, undocumented and immigrant postgraduate students are also transnational academics. Global South does not only allude to a geographic location but a geopolitical and sociocultural position that encompasses the lands and peoples who have suffered the greatest costs of colonization and global economic integration. 

Treasuring all the knowledges

The proposed book seeks to be a source of information and inspiration for transnational academics who are non-elite scholars from the Global South and may feel less welcomed in traditional Western academia.  Its content comprises letters, essays, poems, and drawings, written by transnational scholars from the Global South who started their academic career as immigrant adults and or international students. Drawing from Indigenous knowledge systems and women of colour feminism, the book addresses two questions: 1) what knowledges brought from home allowed us to navigate academia, and 2) what knowledges did we wish to have known before starting our academic journeys. 

Co-creating the book with others

Inspired by and rooted in Indigenous knowledge systems (Tuhiwai Smith, 1999; Wilson, 2008) and women of colour feminism (Anzaldua & Moraga, 1981; Lorde, 1984, Mohanty & Carty, 2018), the three main authors — each transnational scholars from the global south — engage in conversation about the knowledges brought from their homes that helped them to survive the postgraduate studies in a foreign country and the knowledges they wished they had known before entering the academic career. In addition, an important part of the book will emerge from workshops and dialogues facilitated by the authors with other postgraduate students and early-career academics from the Global South.  Thus, the proposed book will configure a body of collective knowledge whose main goal is to serve as a source of information and inspiration for transnational early-career scholars, especially postgraduate students, whose sociocultural backgrounds and identities are not fully recognized by the traditional Western–European modes of academia. 

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Conveners/Authors: Roxana Chiappa, Iris Viveros, Evelyn Muthama

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