Peer-reviewed articles

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Book chapters

Chiappa, R. & Nerad, M. (2020). Doctoral Student Socialization. In Miriam E. David & Marilyn J. Amey (Eds.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Higher Education (p. 392-395), Thousand Oaks: SAGE

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In process

Chiappa, R. (ongoing work). The limits of academic merit: Analysis of process of faculty hiring in Chilean universities

Chiappa, R. (ongoing work).  The Ongoing Efforts of Decolonizing Ourselves

Selected Presentations

Cupp-a-Conversation Presentation. The limits of Academic Merit at Nelson Mandela University (February 14th, 2020).

Edu Talk – Check your blind spots. 5-minutes talk about implicit bias in processes of faculty hiring (May 2018).


The Limits of Academic Merit in Chile: How Social Class of Origin Influences the Careers of Academics with Doctorate Degrees (summary here)

Roxana’s dissertation was recognized with the 2020 Gordon C. Lee Dissertation Award, given by her college, which honors the  most deserving doctoral thesis in terms of intellectual contribution, research scope, and implications for the social public arena.