Covid 19: A rock song

Why did you arrive so unexpectedly or it was me who failed in hearing your voice?

I cannot believe that you are a pandemia.

Because of you, I am being more aware of how my presence can affect others in unexpected ways that I never thought. Because of you, I am being more intentional in inhaling good thoughts. Because of you, I start recognizing my shortage at breathing when I rush.
The OMS, the national government, the university, everyone asks me to stay at home… and home is awwww.
I am on my way to re-building it… Here, in sacred lands. Here, inside, re-acknowledging the windows of my home; caressing the grief of moving, changing, and awakening.

Yes, I am rebuilding my home, embracing the contradictions of this human existence.
I am very aware that I cannot heal nor scream for anybody; yet, my silence and my micro-space of decisions have not responded adequately to the magnitude of obscene inequalities that my human race has accepted.
And you are being the vital version of our global disease.
Indeed, you have represented eloquently the globalization theories that I have repeated for years. The increasing interconnectedness of global societies and the uneven cost of interdependence has intensified because of you (Spark, 2013). Having you in the body requires a lot of special care, and not everyone have access to clean water to reduce your aches.
No, I am not confessing my flaws with you nor sermoning you. I say out loud my contradictions because saying them aloud allows me to slap the blind spots of my silent complicity. Saying them aloud allows me to connect myself with the anger and fire to change my reality, my little reality.
With no scientific base, I argue that you show up in my/our life because you wanted to remind me the cost of our global indifference and our failure to recognize our interconnectedness.
You are doing it so well.

You kindly forced me to pause! You kindly force me to consider how each of my decisions has an effect in the village.

I hear your lyrics and your drums. You, the rock metal song that calls us to STOP and embrace our collective nature.

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