Born in the south limit of Atacama desert-Chile, I grew up thinking I wanted to be a journalist to democratize the news (de-monopolize the mass media) , which only covered what happened in the capital of Chile-Santiago.

In 2007, I completed my undergraduate in journalism at the University of Santiago, with a specialization in economics. In 2006, a colleague and I launched Kallecitas, a cultural-magazine which aimed to promote reading in public spaces.

As soon as I finished journalism, I started to work as an institutional researcher at the University of Santiago, what opened up the path toward the field of  higher education. I was able to merge journalism and higher education by broadcasting a weekly radio program about higher education policies called “Conectados”. This program was sponsored by the Consortium of Public Universities in Chile. In addition, I kept writing for Kallecitas and other community media on a diverse spectrum of topics until 2011, when I started my master in Higher Education.

As an institutional researcher, I was involved in number of projects related to access of higher education, internationalization of Chilean higher education, doctorate education, and scientific policies.

In the States, my research agenda has followed this line of research. I have been involved in  projects that look at the intersection of federal scientific policies, doctorate education, research collaboration,  internationalization of higher education, and social stratification.

Currently, I am working on my dissertation that analyzes the effect of the expansion of a  Chilean postgraduate foreign fellowship program. Particularly, my research examines the effect of social class of origin on the career of doctorate holders in Chile.

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