My research agenda is centered around the question of how and to what extent social and economic inequalities, manifested among individuals, social groups, institutions and countries, are (re) produced in the scientific and higher education systems.

This research question is not coincidence. Having grown up in the south limit of Atacama desert-Chile,  I noticed the class structure of the Chilean society and the geographic inequality at a very early stage of my life. As a kid, I was told that I should not pronounce the “sh” to say Chile because that demonstrated a “low class status” and that Santiago was “Chile”, even when only one third of population lived there. The common understanding of how a society worked was unpacked to me in my day-to-day interactions.

This realization made me be curious  about the criteria and conditions that allow certain actors (countries, people, institutions, disciplines) to monopolize and control the power, resources, attention, and prestige.


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