AkadVita? Why? How? What does the name mean?

AkadVita is a combination of two ancient words. Akad is a short version of Akadēmía, which comes from the Greek language. Akadēmía was the place outside of Athens where Plato used to teach. In this context, Akad represents the community of peers in academia. Vita means life in Latin. Vita, for me,  synthesizes a type of a complex space where living creatures share and interact together at a given moment with some degree of awareness of how interconnected we are.

Together, AkadVita aims to create a space to make visible the intrinsic interconnection among those bodies who relate and work in academia with their present and past stories; with the joy and pain of those we know little about; with the inquiries and questions that we are interested in; with the communities of all types -human beings, animals, plants, microorganisms, territories, galactic bodies, conceptual ideas- that configure our daily experience; and sometimes, the subject of our research.

Also, AkadVita is my attempt to recover my voice in the creative domain beyond akademic writing. It emerges in challenging times, while the date of the dissertation has been postponed and there is a profound sense of failure and doubt. That sense of lost gave me the courage today to start this website, that I have thought for years, but I did not have the spark to start before.

Pic taken from the Salar de Chihuahua, on a journey to Salar Uyuni- Bolivia. It evokes of value of appreciating the “path” as much as the terminal goal.


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