Remembering: Mindfulness workshops

During Covid-19 times, I started offering mindfulness workshops to postgraduate students enrolled at Rhodes University in South Africa, my current employer. The original intention was to respond to the increasing amount of stress that many of us are facing at this time.

Disclosure: I am not a formal mindfulness teacher yet, so please consider the following presentations as tools to remember the “whys” we embark on a research/academic project…

Space: These presentation are offered before the writing circles offered by the Center of Postgraduate Studies (CPGS) at Rhodes University.

Creative commons and copy rights: In each of the following presentations, you will find pictures, references, links, videos and talks that have been obtained from public websites available on internet. The origin of these sources are cited in the respective presentation. You are free to use the presentations, but if you will use a particular resource embedded in it, please make sure to cite its original source.